Burn After Reading   9/13/08
by MovieMaker5087
While it's no [I]No Country For Old Men[/I], it's far better than the brother's previous comedy, [I]The Ladykillers[/I], and an obvious few notches below [I]The Big Lebowski[/I].

The Happening   6/13/08
by MovieMaker5087 for [i]The Happening[/i], it's just not, well, happening for me. Maybe as a comedy, yes, because I found myself liking this movie for all the wrong reasons. But as a traditional Shyamalan film? No.

Grindhouse   4/12/07
by MovieMaker5087
So, in recap- the first half of the film? A great treat and homage and an all-out fun experience. Then Death Proof began projecting onto the screen.

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