Body Brokers   9/27/22
by JPRetana
This movie, come to think of it, never truly gets around to much of anything not even a proper conclusion; How do you end a never ending story?, Vin (Grillo, as reliable a performer and not-so-reliable a judge of scripts as ever) asks through the fourth wall.

Of Human Bondage   9/27/22
by JPRetana
Now, as mediocre and contemptible as Carey and Mildred are and they take mediocrity and contempt to heights, or rather lows, that arguably have yet to be matched almost a century later , there is a sort of astronomical fascination in watching them follow their preordained trajectories; theyre like ...

Infamous   9/27/22
by JPRetana
Arielle and Dean go into hiding, which leads to Arielle losing subscribers and followers.

The Day of the Jackal   9/24/22
by JPRetana
The other, bigger problem with The Day of the Jackal is that its bookended by fits of surreal, almost pythonesque humor thats not comic relief (when its done well, comic relief never feels out of place, regardless of the setting; see The Exorcist III) because it occurs at the very beginning (the lea...

Pistolera   9/23/22
by JPRetana
And as for her body language, lets just say that hips dont lie, and theyre telling me those "25 years" are a dead giveaway that Di Lella is just as bad with numbers as she is with words.

Ordinary Love   9/23/22
by JPRetana
At the end of the day, however, it all comes to about the same; whether it's cancer, chemotherapy, or both, the point is that Tom and Joan's marriage bends almost to the breaking point under the pressure of illness and treatment, as do all marriages in all cancer movies.

News of the World   9/23/22
by JPRetana
From that point on the plot ebbs and flows between heart-stopping action and heartwarming introspection which accordingly brings me to the heart of the movie, the relationship between Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks), a former member of the Confederate Infantry who now makes a living as a tr...

Do Revenge   9/22/22
by JPRetana
Needless to say, nary an original thought went into making this movie.

Malcolm & Marie   9/22/22
by JPRetana
Since the cause of the rift between the protagonists is a movie (Malcolm is a director and screenwriter, and Marie is an aspiring actress; the action begins when they return home from the premiere of his latest film, which may or may not be based on them, adding an extra layer of meaning to the even...

Koko-di Koko-da   9/22/22
by JPRetana
The movie is thankfully short (then again, any film that lacks a proper conclusion is bound to be brief), though thats damning faint praise considering it could stand to be a lot shorter.

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