A Quiet Place   4/09/18
by GrantD2
It isn't focused on the government trying to defeat the aliens, though, or about a group of humans trying to save humanity, it is just about a family that is trying to survive in the world the way it is.

The Social Network   4/07/18
by GrantD2
Overall:This isn't the kind of movie that you watch if you're looking for a feel good or action packed story, but it is still very much worth watching.

Pacific Rim: Uprising   4/02/18
by GrantD2
To put all of this into perspective: I think that the first Pacific Rim is a solid film, while I think that Pacific Rim: Uprising is a solid guilty pleasure film.

Pacific Rim   4/02/18
by GrantD2
If I go into a movie that's supposed to have huge robots fighting aliens, I want to see robots fighting aliens, not extended dialogue scenes and set up.

Ready Player One   3/31/18
by GrantD2
I didn't even check my watch once, and I often check it once even in movies that I enjoy.

The Strangers: Prey at Night   3/18/18
by GrantD2
I understand that this is a slasher film, and the characters in slasher films aren't typically the smartest peeps on the block....but still, the characters in this movie make decisions that legitimately don't make any sense.

Tomb Raider   3/17/18
by GrantD2
Story: The story is loosely based on the story of the newer video games, but it's a lot less interesting as they had to water it down quite a bit to fit it into a two-hour movie.

12 Strong   2/21/18
by GrantD2
Like I said before, the action is the best part of this film, but it still doesn't completely save this film as a lot of the combat is too unrealistic.

Hostiles   1/28/18
by GrantD2
Unfortunately, the longer run time and the brutal story makes it hard for it to appeal to a huge audience, but there's no doubt in my mind that Western fans will find that this film will satisfy their need for a solid, new Western.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi   12/18/17
by GrantD2
It takes risks that I never thought that a Star Wars movie would take, and it develops some of the characters in ways I didn't expect, and I'm fine with almost every choice Rian Johnson and LucasFilm made.

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