Paths of Glory   2/01/21
by Takoma11
This film has great use of point of view shots: everything from a man walking a seemingly endless trench filled with soldiers to the lonely point of view of a man regarding the post of a firing squad.

Paths of Glory   12/24/17
by mark f
The way Mireau walks through the trenches and gives "pep talks" to the men who later play such an important part in the film works as masterful storytelling rather than lazy coincidence.

Paths of Glory   7/16/16
by Citizen Rules
One more shot that was stunning, towards the end of the film inside the castle we have the two generals talking at the bottom of a long stair case...way in the distance, on top of the stairs are two small figures.

Paths of Glory   7/14/15
by MovieMeditation
When rewatching films like this, I often come across little details that might lift the movie out of the trenches, especially with a film that is so strong on social comments and anti-war themes.

Paths of Glory   1/07/13
by Daniel M
Paths of Glory was Stanley Kubricks fourth (including Fear and Desire) full feature film, released in 1957 when he was only twenty-nine years old, yet watching this film feels like your watching a work of art produced during the peak of a highly successful career of an experienced director, a mo...

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