Tootsie   7/30/21
by Thief
I like that the experience serves as a moment of introspection for Michael and how he himself views and treats women, but when it comes to the larger point of how women are seen and treated in the workforce, and how they react, the fact that a man is the catalyst for this "change" kinda muddles the ...

Tootsie   7/24/17
by Joel
I believe the ending of Tootsie left me on the verge of tears not so much because of the content of the story, but more for the time it came out and how different certain sensibilities were back then.

Tootsie   4/15/15
by Iroquois
Jessica Lange manages to win an Oscar as Hoffman's sweet-natured co-star within the tawdry soap opera he ends up working on and his eventual love interest, while various lecherous male characters make for great butts to jokes.

Tootsie   5/20/11
by Sexy Celebrity
Jessica Lange, who plays Julie, the nurse on Southwest General that Michael befriends and falls in love with, was a great character and had terrific chemistry with Dustin Hoffman.

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