Persona   1/26/18
by mark f
The film goes out of its way to tell you that it's a movie, but immediately the viewer seems to be confused, if not at what is being shown, then why it's being shown and what its meaning is.

Persona   3/28/17
by Okay
The performances are fantastic to say the least, Liv Ullmann plays Elisabeth, a silent actress who doesn't speak for 98% of the film, so she is given a difficult task which is to portray all of her emotions through facial expressions, while Bibi Andersson plays Alma, a nurse who doesn't stop talking...

Persona   3/28/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
Toward the end of the film, when the truth is revealed about the silent actresses past and cause of her silence, every scene is amazingly tense, powerful and brilliantly filmed.

Persona   1/07/13
by Daniel M
Once the film is over you will be long thinking about what you have just seen, less serious film watchers may be disappointed by a non linear and non spoon fed plot that come with the majority of popular films nowadays, but the fact that this film is not a linear story that presents you with a fully...

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