The Master   10/22/18
by Joel
There's a lot to see and hear in this picture, so trying to follow an obnoxiously slow pace was a chore the first two times, and I resented this film for it, even though I champion slowly paced films.

The Master   5/19/18
by Gideon58
Dodd's wife, daughter, and son-in-law for instance, seem to welcome Freddie to the fold with open arms, but around the same time we realize what Dodd really is, we see the family close ranks around him and warn him that Freddie is a danger to their existence.

The Master   4/27/16
by seanc
It is not easy to get a hold of either the intentions or motivations of Freddie Quell and Lancaster Dodd.

The Master   2/27/13
by Sexy Celebrity
Both the Joaquin Phoenix from that movie and the "Freddie" character he plays in The Master are crazy, rollicking, sex obsessed, substance abusing laughing idiots.

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