Full Metal Jacket   4/03/19
by MovieMeditation
The pace drags a little more in the second half, especially towards the end, but after the coal-colored dark comedy on command, camaraderie, loyalty and whatnot, we end up in the final scene with the marines marching to the Mickey Mouse March also used earlier, sort of cementing the rather immature ...

Full Metal Jacket   10/10/16
by Citizen Rules
When we get to the end of the first act, there's an earth shattering climax, in the training camp bathroom...After that I felt like it was the emotional end of the film.

Full Metal Jacket   11/09/14
by hello101
The scene where theyre pitted down by a single sniper is intense admittedly, I thought Private Cowboy was particularly great in that scene, the line Shut the **** up Joker may have contribute to it but ahhhhhh, he was great anyways.

Full Metal Jacket   6/05/14
by The Rodent
The acting from all parties is absolutely brilliant, Matthew Modine as the main character the film follows is at his absolute best as the na recruit who physically changes over the film into a well trained U.S Marine.

Full Metal Jacket   4/09/14
by Cobpyth
Full Metal Jacket is the first Kubrick film that appears on my list.

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