Rear Window   11/25/17
by dadgumblah
One night Jeff hears a scream in Thorwald's darkened apartment and his wife goes missing (to Jeff, who doesn't see her anymore).

Rear Window   5/23/17
by Gideon58
Unfortunately, Jeff's buddy Doyle (Wendell Corey), a police detective, is a little more difficult to convince and his initial look into Jeff's suspicions are unable to be substantiated and have Jeff and the viewer scratching our collective heads as to the validity of Jeff's theory.

Rear Window   3/23/17
by Citizen Rules
Rear Window (1954) Director: Alfred Hitchcock Writers: John Michael Hayes (screenplay), Cornell Woolrich (short story) Cast: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Rear Window   3/19/17
by Jeff Costello
Rear Window (1954) - Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window   9/23/15
by BraedenG33
Rear Window is a story about a man named LB Jefferies who, after suffering a broken leg that leaves him incapacitated and stuck in his apartment, uses a camera with a telephoto lens that allows him to peer through windows to see into the personal lives of his neighbors.

Rear Window   6/17/15
by Nope1172
Before I watched Rear Window, I was incredible ashamed to say that I have only seen two Alfred Hitchcock films, now I have seen three.

Rear Window   12/28/13
by Nostromo87
Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)

Rear Window   2/14/13
by The Rodent
Apart from the ocassional visit from a Nurse and arguing with his upmarket girlfriend Lisa over her being too good for him, Jeff has little to do except watch his neighbours from his livingroom window.

Rear Window   8/27/12
by Daniel M
Hitchcocks Rear Window is a great film and an extremely entertaining one to watch for so many reasons with great acting, brilliantly efficient use of a seemingly limiting set/location through excellent camera work and shots which help generate a mysterious and worrying atmosphere, creating suspense that builds up for the films final scenes.

Rear Window   8/16/12
by JayDee
Though I personally would place it around 5th I think in terms of my Hitchcock films; that however is a result of Hitchcock's level of terrific output as opposed to any great flaws with this particular film.

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