Ship of Fools   8/22/23
by Citizen Rules
When a screenplay is adapted from a lengthy and complex multi-character novel the screenwriter has literally two choices: They can include the bulk of the characters by skeletonizing the characters down to just a few core characteristics thus removing most of their story arcs and nuances, so as...

Ship of Fools   8/21/23
by Gideon58
Leigh's character, Mary Treadwell, is pretty much a retread of Blanche DuBois, who Leigh played in A Streetcar Named Desire, but this character doesn't try to sugar coat who she is the way Blanche did and Leigh completely invests in it.

Ship of Fools   4/04/23
by Thief
Set in 1933, Ship of Fools follows a group of passengers on a ship headed to pre-World War II Germany.

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