The Revenant   12/03/18
by Gideon58
Shot in exceedingly graphic detail, it's not just that the bear throws Glass around like a rag doll or that she stands on top of Glass after the mauling like the victor in a WWE wrestling match, but the fact that she actually attacks the man more than once.

The Revenant   5/18/18
by aronisred
Every shot in the movie screams 100 million $.In a way the weak story which is void both thematically and emotionally is covered and wrapped in a 100 million $ well shot and directed movie.

The Revenant   11/08/16
by Evan_Wheatley
After a failed attempt to smother Glass, Fitzgerald kills Hawk, buries Glass alive and deceives Bridger about his actions as they press on toward Fort Kiowa.

The Revenant   6/30/16
by re93animator
The story effectually derives from the legend of Hugh Glass, which concerns a man that was ravaged by a bear and abandoned by his colleagues.

The Revenant   6/26/16
by The Rodent
The movie starts out pretty exciting with an Indian attack, then theres the bear attack then the movie kinda stalls for 90-110 minutes, with loads of speeches and random scenes of talking about death and the harshness of life in the early 1800s, with Hardys actions pitted against DiCaprios constant grunting and foaming at the mouth while hes dragging his injured body around the snow covered wilderness.

The Revenant   2/29/16
by ashdoc
The action lacks the self mocking nature of other films ; every fight is a fight for life , for survival against the odds....and the film is dead serious with no funny one liners or wise cracks....serious enough to win an oscar or two .

The Revenant   1/31/16
by Optimus
My movie highlight has to be the bear attack scene.

The Revenant   1/27/16
by Citizen Rules
The Revenant (2015) Director: Alejandro I itu Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter Genre: Outdoor Adventure Thriller Length: 156 minutes

The Revenant   1/19/16
by AngusMcGregor
"The Revenant" may very well win the Oscar for makeup for the talents used to create the wounds on Glass from the attack from the bear.

The Revenant   1/15/16
by Iroquois
At least the film knows better than to make the entire film about Glass, following a number of different parties as they journey across the frozen wastes for one reason or another - of special note is the leader (Duane Howard) of the outwardly antagonistic Arikara tribe who has his own sympathetic motives that make him a much more nuanced individual than a stereotypical savage would be.

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