Love & Mercy   1/15/16
by Swan
I think what I love most about the film is the very gentle portrayal of people with mental illness.

Love & Mercy   12/25/15
by Iroquois
The Dano half goes for a straightforward behind-the-scenes dramatisation that shows how Wilson's creative process in crafting one of the greatest pop albums ever made attracted a fair bit of derision and skepticism; it definitely features its fair share of clich in this regard, especially in having ...

Love & Mercy   9/23/15
by Citizen Rules
This film is bi polar, with half of it set in the 1960's with Paul Dano playing Brian Wilson...and the other half set in the 1980's with John Cusack also playing Brian Wilson.

Love & Mercy   9/01/15
by ursaguy
The 80s portions have their own self contained plot, with Wilson's future wife played by Elizabeth Banks trying to liberate Wilson from the control of Landry.

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