Ex Machina   4/05/17
by Omnizoa
Finally it rolls around to the end and Main Guy decides Robot Girl is actually sentient and erasing her memory (as is the plan) would be unethical and so plans to escape, but not before Inventor Guy rolls up with a laundry list of entirely reasonable counterarguments to doubt his own conclusions.......

Ex Machina   2/20/17
by zissou
This is director Alex Garlands first film and Ex Machina suffers from his inexperience behind the camera.

Ex Machina   8/25/16
by 77topaz
This is an interesting set-up for a film, and Ex Machina is certainly an interesting film.

Ex Machina   7/18/16
by BraedenG33
Of course, it's impossible to talk about the films visuals without getting into the look of Ava, whose design and vfx are possibly one of my favorite effects in any film, and it's no doubt that they were deserving of the oscar for visual effects the film received.

Ex Machina   2/08/16
by Citizen Rules
Ex Machina (2015) Director: Alex Garland Writer: Alex Garland Cast: Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance Indie Film

Ex Machina   6/12/15
by Iroquois
While those other films have tended towards using their premises for entertainment and spectacle above all else, Ex Machina attempts to wring out something with a bit more depth by plumbing a subject that always proves to be an extremely reliable source of deep (or "deep") sci-fi - artificial intel...

Ex Machina   5/19/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
Ex Machina is the best indie sci-fi I've seen since Duncan Jones' Moon (2009), and would easily make my top twenty greatest sci-fi films of all-time.

Ex Machina   4/26/15
by doubledenim
The story revolves around Caleb, (Domnhall Gleeson) a young coder at Blue Book (think google), its reclusive CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac) and Nathan's human like AI, AVA (Alicia Vikander).

Ex Machina   4/25/15
by seanc
Ex-Machina is worth seeing for Isaac alone, even if none of the other aspects of the film appeal to you.

Ex Machina   4/25/15
by skizzerflake
Ex Machina is one of the more intelligent and theoretical films I have seen in a while.

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