The Babadook   11/20/17
by Omnizoa
If there were two critical favorites in the horror movie genre in 2014 they were It Follows and The Babadook, with The Babadook represented as the indie film here to take the horror genre back to basics and prove just how scary you can be without constant jumpscares or explicitly revealing the monst...

The Babadook   8/13/17
by dadgumblah
I've seen mental illness close-up from someone I loved (they have since passed away) and Essie Davis must have studied mental illness very closely to prepare for her role because she does things that are completely realistic and reminded me of my own encounter with this horrible illness.

The Babadook   4/03/16
by TheMaster
Not in that this is a cheerful movie, as you can maybe ascertain from the picture below, but that the state of horror in celluloid can (and will) remain a thriving genre not hell bent on delivering hollow jump scares or gratuitous guts, but something built and molded from the minds of people who kno...

The Babadook   11/06/15
by The Rodent
This movie is all about Mother and Son Amelia and Samuel.

The Babadook   10/04/15
by TheUsualSuspect
The grotesque pop-up book details murder and mayhem for the young child at the hands of The Babadook.

The Babadook   8/16/15
by Ikkegoemikke
It's a story that can be interpreted in different ways and in which the phenomenon of "The Babadook" appears by reading a children's book which popped up suddenly in Samuel's bookcase.

The Babadook   4/22/15
by Colors
The Babadook is an Australian horror film based on a 2005 Australian short film.

The Babadook   4/22/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
The style of the film set the perfect tone and the monster itself was extremely creepy and looked very impressive.The Babadook has cult film written all of it.

The Babadook   3/04/15
by Iroquois
It helps that The Babadook not only uses some fairly typical boogeyman tropes in the form of its titular monster, but also adds a psychological element in how the beleagured mother (Essie Davis) tries to cope with a number of mundane problems both internal (her grief over her husband's accidental de...

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