Rebecca   4/06/24
by Thief
Rebecca is unlike any film Hitchcock made before, and on the surface, you can feel Selznick's touch in it more than you can feel Hitchcock's.

Rebecca   5/20/23
by KeyserCorleone
After watching the incredible Strangers on a Train, I got back in the mood for Hitchcock, which is conflicting with my current obligation to watch war movies for the war countdown.

Rebecca   4/24/18
by Citizen Rules
It's like she only exists in Rebecca's shadow, a non person struggling for a breath....Surrounding her is the suffocating Manderley estate where everything screams Rebecca, especially the house keeper Mrs.

Rebecca   2/22/18
by Joel
I thought Joan Fontaine's character of The Second Mrs.

Rebecca   12/13/17
by mark f
Hitchcock does imbue the film with mystery and suspense, but it seems to be more of a professional job and less of a personal undertaking to get at the audience, which, after all, is basically why Hitchcock films are so appealing.

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