Blow Out   11/11/18
by Gideon58
De Palma uses Philadelphia as a striking canvas upon which to tell this effective little thriller, painting one stark cinematic image after another...I love the shot of Jack in the woods recording the owl and the owl at the foreground of the shot looking straight at the camera or the hair raising dr...

Blow Out   1/23/18
by Okay
Blow Out (1981) by Brian De Palma

Blow Out   1/23/15
by Iroquois
Blow Out is a solid little thriller that has enough interesting twists and turns to keep things turning and manages to compensate for some weak characterisation with all sorts of visual and, perhaps more importantly, audial flair.

Blow Out   8/29/14
by Jack1
It stars John Travolta in an early role as Jack Terry, a film sound-effects man who hears and sees a car crash one evening - involving a US presidential candidate - when recording sounds for a low-budget slasher film.

Blow Out   4/23/13
by Cobpyth
In stead of discovering a murder on images, the main character in this film, a movie sound recordist called Jack Terry, accidentally records the sound of a so called car accident he witnessed.

Blow Out   7/31/11
by Sexy Celebrity
The movie begins with a movie within a movie -- the current horror film project that Jack is working on.

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