Frost/Nixon   11/29/15
by Gideon58
We watch as Nixon's agreement to do this interview not to be the magnanimous gesture he initially tries to portray...the man only agrees to do it for an obscene amount of money that Frost doesn't have but goes through tireless fundraising and we watch Nixon's struggle right down to the climactic mom...

Frost/Nixon   12/06/10
by MovieMad16
Overall , Frost Nixon is a true future classic with great performances and an amazing story of one man's journey for the truth.

Frost/Nixon   2/02/09
by Sinny McGuffins
It's interesting what Jack Brennan, played by Kevin Bacon, had to say in a documentary-style interview (which appear throughout the film) when he talks about Nixon's calm and rational response to Frost's bold first question, "Why didn't you burn the tapes?".

Frost/Nixon   1/01/09
by Powdered Water
I felt this huge wave of emotion rolling over while watching the film and that's obviously a credit to little Ronnie Howard.

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