Playtime   5/15/21
by Thief
During the course of the film, he gets lost in a maze of offices while waiting for an important meeting, stumbles upon a trade exhibition full of modern gadgets, meets a couple of friends "from the army!", and spends the night with a group of guests at a restaurant being renovated.

Playtime   8/01/20
by re93animator
Tatis style seems like a major blueprint for the offbeat charm (a tough word not to use with Tati) found in Jeunet (& Caro) movies, Sylvan Chomet movies (who used Tatis likeness in a wonderful movie called The Illusionist), and of course, Mr.

Playtime   8/04/15
by Gatsby
For those of you who haven't seen this film yet: drop films from your watchlist and put Playtime as a main priority.

Playtime   2/07/15
by Daniel M
I want to watch this film again already, and I can feel this becoming one of my all time favourite films that I will watch over and over again, spotting delightful new things every time.

Playtime   5/02/14
by kkl10
Ironically or not, Playtime seems to be a cinematic product of the same dehumanizing and alienating phenomena that the film itself seems to mock about in human relations.

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