Beauty and the Beast   10/17/19
by ahwell
Beauty and the Beast follows the classic tale of a selfish prince who is turned into a beast for not being compassionate towards others.

Beauty and the Beast   10/21/16
by MovieMeditation
Thankfully, Disney dances with ease between both beast and man, creating a very balanced story of beauty, love and tragedy with a little bit of humor and a great deal of heart.

Beauty and the Beast   8/07/14
by Gideon58
Disney Studios had a major triumph with 1991's Beauty and the Beast, an utterly enchanting and richly entertaining take on the classic fairy tale that made history by being the first animated film to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture.

Beauty and the Beast   9/11/11
by argh.pirate
If your children have grown up only on Pixar movies, you owe it to them to share this treat of traditional animation. Nothing about the timeless story has aged obviously and you know there's magic when Disney is beginning to revert to this style of filmmaking.

Beauty and the Beast   12/20/10
by MovieMad16
At times it feels slow and boring at times , but the character of The Beast is intriguing and kind of a character that evolves throughout the story until the film reaches his end.

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