Willy's Wonderland   6/20/21
by Takoma11
It soon becomes apparent that the restaurant has bigger problems than graffiti in the bathrooms, and a gang of local teenagers and the town's sheriff (Beth Grant) have their own ideas about how to deal with the strange happenings.

The Wolfpack   6/20/21
by Takoma11
It could be easy to watch this film and just enjoy the quirks of the boys, such as the way that one of them slips into a British accent out in public, or the way that the boys seem to adopt certain film personas in order to navigate the outside world.

Dina   6/20/21
by Takoma11
I did have one issue with the film, and that has to do with information that is revealed at almost the very end of the film regarding a trauma in Dina's past.

Hunter Hunter   6/20/21
by Takoma11
The film really shows this double-edged relationship, and particularly the way that a stressful situation can lead to an antagonistic relationship with your environment.

Summer Camp   6/20/21
by Thief
A horror film A film with the word "Summer" in its title

Rush   6/18/21
by Takoma11
And while it isn't the main focus of the film, there is also a point made about the way that sports as commerce can lead to athletes taking risks (or being borderline forced into taking risks) beyond what is acceptable.

Kill Your Darlings   6/18/21
by Takoma11
I always have a mixed reaction to real-story or biographical films because every time something amazing happens I have to wonder if it was a thing that really happened, or something that the writer made up or "adjusted" to make more movie-friendly.

The Petrified Forest   6/18/21
by Gideon58
The film may take place in the Arizona desert, but we can tell immediately that the filming of this piece never left Warner Brothers sound stages, but the story is so compelling that, as the film progresses, we really don't care.

Red Dot   6/18/21
by Thief
The laser dot from a rifle scope is what gives title to the film, as that's the first signal we have of the presence of an "enemy" watching them as they camp.

Paprika   6/17/21
by Citizen Rules
The alter ego of the carefree Paprika & her real self the cloistered Chiba also made the film a fun and worthwhile watch.

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