Gilda   7/04/20
by Gideon58
I love when Gilda is dancing with another man and the whole time she's dancing with this guy, her eyes never leave Johnny sitting at the table...that's Hayworth and Vidor establishing the story pretty much in one scene.

Something to Talk About   7/03/20
by Gideon58
There are a couple of scenes that are standouts, one in particular that has become part of movie pop culture where Grace addresses what has happened to her during a snooty women's committee meeting.

Mississippi Burning   7/03/20
by Gideon58
Agent Ward (Willem Dafoe) is a buttoned-up, by-the-book, strictly by procedure kind of agent while Agent Anderson (Gene Hackman) is a little more folksy and thinks the way to find the answers they're looking for is by cozying up to the people, even though they have already formed a code of silence and have no attention of cooperating with the FBI.

Berlin Alexanderplatz   7/02/20
by mark f
At the end of the 13th episode, Franz was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the gist of this epilogue is that Franz is taken to a mental hospital and appears to have dreams involving all the characters from the earlier part of the film.

Man of the House   7/02/20
by Gideon58
It wouldn't be as sad if the film had accomplished its mission to make Jonathan Taylor Thomas a movie star, but when was the last time you saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas in anything?

Princess Mononoke   7/02/20
by TheUsualSuspect
At 2hrs and 15mins, the film could have been tightened a bit and the action, themes and beauty of the film still would have come across.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance   7/02/20
by mark f
To be honest, I find the beginning of the film which sets up the flashback, to be a weak start which the film has to overcome, but it successfully does so, and the actual ending of the film, after the flashback ends and everyone, except for perhaps one significant character, knows the truth of the story to be quite moving.

Sleuth   7/02/20
by TheUsualSuspect
The film takes a few detours in what one would expect a story like this to go, once the detective shows up I didn't know if this was suppose to be the same character or if it was a nod to the audience that this was simply a two man show no matter how many characters show up.

The Stunt Man   7/01/20
by Gideon58
The brilliant egomaniac directing the film, Eli Cross, witnesses the entire thing and in order to save the film and cover his own ass, Eli blackmails Cameron into replacing the dead stunt man and pretending to be him.

The Two of Us   7/01/20
by Takoma11
As the film goes on, Claude quietly and attentively listens as Pepe lectures about "the Jews".

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