Fruitvale Station   3/04/21
by Thief
Regardless of what one might think about the events and the aftermath, it's important that we know who Oscar Grant was, and that we know that on that day, in an event that probably could've been easily avoided, a mother lost her son, a girlfriend lost her boyfriend, and a daughter lost her father.

The Lady Eve   3/03/21
by Takoma11
There is a standout sequence in which Jean, Charles, and the Colonel are playing a game of cards--the Colonel is using every slight-of-hand trick he knows to beat Charles, while Jean capably goes head-to-head with slight-of-hand of her own to ensure that Charles does not lose.

I Care a Lot   3/03/21
by Gideon58
Director and screenwriter J Blakeson knocks it out of the park here with a story that starts off with an almost docudrama feel, as we witness Marla Grayson in action with a hustle that she is extremely good at and has made her a very comfortable living.

Now, Voyager   3/02/21
by Takoma11
will "raise" Jerry's daughter at the clinic and it will be like they are long-distance married and raising a child together LOL WHAT?

Broadway Melody of 1938   3/02/21
by Gideon58
Gable)You Made Me Love You", which was added to the film after Garland actually sang the song at a birthday party MGM threw for Clark Gable.

The Mystery of Oberwald   3/02/21
by crumbsroom
This said, there is still something slightly compelling about watching a film that simply doesnt seem like it should have ever even existed.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday   3/01/21
by Gideon58
This film on the surface seems more authentic because Louis McKay, the great love of Billie's life in the 1972 film, doesn't appear until the final third of this film and this federal agent doesn't appear in the '72 film at all.

The Serbian Lawyer   3/01/21
by Thief
A film from Serbia

Two Lovers   3/01/21
by Thief
This is one of those films I didn't know anything about, didn't even know it existed, until last week.

Soldier   3/01/21
by re93animator
I watched this once years ago when I was the perfect age for it, and was so disappointed in Kurt Russell's lack of character.

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