Alex in Wonderland   6/01/23
by Gideon58
The core of the piece actually comes early on when Alex meets with a studio head (played by Mazursky himself) who has apparently seen Alex's first film and is determined that his second film will be for him and throws every script on his desk at Alex, in hopes that he will accept one as his next dir...

Nona   6/01/23
by Thief
Much like the "wrestling" event depicted in the short, and the "wrestling" between grandmother and granddaughter, Gonzales had to "wrestle" with many obstacles to get to where he wanted.

Fires Were Started   6/01/23
by Torgo
Director Jennings and crew set an already-damaged building ablaze during the movie's key sequence, and this move combined with the fact that the performers are actual firemen could make this pass for cinema verit The movie takes it time before getting to this sequence, which I think is a good decisi...

Casualties of War   5/31/23
by KeyserCorleone
I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it other than it was a Brian de Palma movie.

Money Movers   5/31/23
by Takoma11
Ill admit that at times I had some trouble following the thread of this film, something thats probably more on me than the movie.

Pillow Talk   5/31/23
by Takoma11
Jonathan, despite the films framing as comedy, actually has the potential to be the creepiest of the men in the film (and every man in this film is really creepy in one way or another!), but Randall plays him as such an absolute goober that he stays in a sweet spot between ridiculous and slimy.

Carlito's Way   5/31/23
by KeyserCorleone
THIS is the Scarface I was looking for, and it's seriously tempting me to watch other de Palma movies and put off the war movie ballot for a little while.

Spinning Gold   5/31/23
by Gideon58
There is strong work from Lyndsey Fonseca as KISS' manager who has an affair with Bogart and Jay Pharoah and Dan Fogler as other Casablanca employees, but this film is an overlong and sometimes dull film experience that didn't endear me to the subject at all.

Float   5/31/23
by Thief
Director/writer Bobby Rubio decided to use his son's autism as an inspiration for this short film.

Smash and Grab   5/31/23
by Thief
So hey, if it worked for Smash and Grab, and it worked for Larsen, it should work for you.

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