Marked for Death   9/17/18
by pahaK
Marked for Death (1990) R Steven Seagal destroys Jamaican drug posse and shows he has bigger magick than their leader Screwface. Seagal is an ...

The Burning   9/17/18
by HashtagBrownies
Alright, so I went into this expecting an alright slasher with a few interesting kills. What I wasn't expecting was for it to actually be REALL...

Empire of the Sun   9/17/18
by aronisred
Empire of the sun A boy living in china gets separated from his parent during the Japanese invasion and he must learn to grow up in these harsh...

The Andromeda Strain   9/16/18
by aronisred
Andromeda strain After a satellite crash lands in a remote New Mexico village, the whole village and the 2 government officials tasked with ret...

The Nun   9/16/18
by ashdoc
The Nun The movie begins with a nun hanging herself in a monastery in Romania , and a member of the church committing suicide is considered a b...

The Aviator   9/16/18
by pahaK
The Aviator (2004) N Scorsese's biography of Howard Hughes covers both his movie and aviation careers starting from shooting Hell's Angels in late ...

Let the Right One In   9/16/18
by pahaK
Let the Right One In (2008) RR One of my favorite films and quite likely the holder of #1 spot on my lists at the moment. 12-year-old Oskar is a...

A Simple Favor   9/15/18
by aronisred
A Simple Favor A nerdy single mom becomes friends with a very attractive but mysterious neighbor who is leagues above her in looks department. ...

The Dark Knight Rises   9/15/18
by aronisred
The Dark Knight Rises The conclusion to batman saga in the dark knight trilogy. This movie is like a monster with flu that crosses the finis...

Wonder   9/15/18
by Citizen Rules
Wonder (2017) Director: Stephen Chbosky Writers: Stephen Chbosky & Steve Conrad (screenplay) Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic...

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