Extract   4/01/20
by Gideon58
That workplace comedy was from the point of view of the employees and this one was more from a management point of view.

The Hurricane   4/01/20
by Gideon58
As one might expect, this is a story that is taught with racial tension and it has been put in the capable hands of veteran director Norman Jewison, who directed one of the greatest films ever centering around racial tension, 1967's In the Heat of the Night.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World   3/31/20
by Tramuzgan
It, a part of the second film, and all of the first one, feel like they were inspired by something from DeBlois' own life, but this feels more inspired by other Dreamworks and Disney movies.

The Gentlemen   3/30/20
by neiba
It also created a faithful legion of fans who loved Richie's first two features enough to disregard a streak of subpar films after that and still keep looking forward to any new film he put out.

Help!   3/28/20
by Gideon58
Richard Lester, who directed A Hard Day's Night, once again takes the director's chair for this comic romp which has more of a structured story than the first film, but still never takes itself too seriously, in a story that combines James Bond satire with Pink Panther-style slapstick comedy to provide pretty consistent laughs for most of the running time.

The Banker   3/27/20
by Gideon58
This film fully puts us behind Garrett and Morris and their manipulation of Matt was such a refreshing thing to watch, but the second half of the film becomes a real yet compelling downer as not only do Garrett and Morris bite off more than they can chew, but success goes to Matt's head as well.

Waltz with Bashir   3/27/20
by John-Connor
Deservedly it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated for Oscars Best Foreign Language film.

Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny   3/26/20
by Gideon58
His story about hearing his daughter swear for the first time and his imitation of his son having a temper tantrum were very funny but it was during this portion of the show where, for the first time, I felt Kevin construct a definite wall of tension between himself and the audience.

The Invisible Man   3/25/20
by Gideon58
I've never read the novel or seen the story onscreen before, but research revealed that the original story centered on a scientist whose ability to become invisible has him spiral into insanity, but in this film, the focus is not on the scientist, who we learn is an expert in the field of optics, but on his wife, a logical shift of focus in our current "Me too" society, but most likely changes the tone of the original story.

Wilson   3/24/20
by Gideon58
Unfortunately, the film takes a dark turn during the final third where the story craps all over the central character and the humor of the story quietly begins to circle the drain, making the character's transition into an almost viable human being a little hard to believe, including an ending that wraps up in a way too neat little bow.

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