Goodbye Mommy   5/24/22
by Takoma11
I think that it takes talent to walk that line of something looking "wrong" while still looking intentionally made, and this short fell on the right side of that line for me.

Set Fire to the Stars   5/24/22
by Takoma11
But Thomas's hard partying ways make him difficult for Brinnan to control, and as Brinnan watches the different reactions to Thomas, he begins to question his own life as a man and as an artist.

Un obus partout   5/24/22
by Takoma11
The film uses a device of cutting between the soccer game and the manic drive across the bridge (giving double meaning to many moments, such as "he shoots!") and for the most part it is very effective.

Tabu   5/24/22
by Takoma11
When it comes to the past sequences, the film treads a little uncertainly around the role that Aurora's family plays as colonizers.

A Gun for George   5/24/22
by Takoma11
The final moments, in which we watch Terry's imagination and reality collide with what we anticipate will be a bad outcome, is honestly a bit chilling.

Now   5/24/22
by Takoma11
her killing of their child is something done as a trick or a way to punish Jakob, when the sound effects and the way she is filmed clearly show that she's having some sort of breakdown or possibly post-partum depression issues.

Good Mourning   5/24/22
by Gideon58
Machine Gun Kelly, who played Tommy Lee in the Motley Crew movie The Dirt, served as star, director, and co-screenwriter for this all over the place story whose basic premise does resemble Entourage, but in this movie, London's posse are a bunch of freaking idiots who pretend to have London's back b...

Greyhound   5/24/22
by Omnizoa
I didn't care for the religiosity of Hanks' character, but it was thankfully brief, and not to crap on Hanks by referring to his character as Hanks, I genuinely do appreciate that every movie I see him in, no matter how recognizable he is, he manages to slip into the role and come off as somebody di...

Predator   5/24/22
by Omnizoa
As expected, Arnold's crew gets picked off one-by-one and you would have hoped they'd deduce some creative way of tracking the Predator, but instead it seems to take them way too long to figure out it travels the forest through the trees, even though they literally found 3 people already strung up a...

Dunkirk   5/24/22
by Omnizoa
It's a Christopher Nolan movie and I've been on a little bit of a war movie kick recently.

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