T-Men   9/22/21
by Takoma11
There would be these little moments that would really pop out--such as a sequence in which one of the agents is menaced by the local counterfeiting gang who haven't totally bought into his story, or a sequence where one of the agents coolly negotiates with a counterfeiting expert all while eating an...

Still Crazy   9/21/21
by Gideon58
Screenwriters Dick Clement and Ian Le Fernais, who wrote a similar film seven years earlier called The Commitments, have crafted a story similar to their 1991 surprise smash that takes a similar look at a foreign rock band from the other side of the cinematic spectrum.

Wind River   9/21/21
by Thief
Certainly it isn't as good as Sheridan's previous films, but Wind River is still a neatly shot, well acted, incredibly tense film.

Val   9/21/21
by Gideon58
It's also revealed that whenever Val there was a role he really wanted, he would make an audition film playing one or more of the characters in the movie and send it to the director.

Blood Shack   9/20/21
by Rockatansky
The woman is played by Carolyn Brandt, who at the time was Steckler's ex-wife, and she plays the role with a certain magnetism even if there isn't a whole lot to her character.

The Hot Rock   9/20/21
by Gideon58
And even with all this, Yates and Goldman keep us waiting until the final five minutes of the film for some kind of resolution.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold   9/19/21
by Takoma11
But while the first half of the film is exactly what I expected (low-key conversations, plotting, crosses, double-crosses, etc), around halfway through the film the story takes an interesting turn.

Body Fever   9/19/21
by Rockatansky
Gary Kent, who was an inspiration for the Brad Pitt character in the Tarantino movie, plays one of the heavies while Coleman Francis, director of The Beast of Yucca Flats, appears as a destitute friend of Steckler's character.

The American Friend   9/19/21
by Rockatansky
Here's a man who started off in studio pictures, directed one of the defining films of the American new wave, had his next film buried and was cast off into the wild, so to speak, as his drug problems escalated, and after a successful stint in rehab, found a second career playing great movie psychos...

Vernon, Florida   9/19/21
by Thief
In the 50s and 60s, it became notorious for an unusual amount of limb loss insurance claims, earning it the nickname of "Nub City", which inspired filmmaker Errol Morris to film a documentary about the situation.

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