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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart (1990)

This is another odd, yet gorgeous, stylized 'wild' movie by David Lynch, which won the Palm D'Or at the Cannes festival in 1990.

I was entertained during the wole mesmerizing, weird looking story about two lovers who are trying to flee away from the girl's evil mother. I'll let you discover the whole plotline by yourself, because it's pretty hard to describe all of it in words. It's really something you have to see. This film certainly is above all a visual experience, with lots of beautiful colors and picturesque images.

The film can be seen as a kind of dark, freaky tribute to The Wizar of Oz and Elvis. Both phenomenons are continuously referenced and used in the dialogue. It's really wonderfully done!

Another big advantage of this movie were the great performances of the actors! Nicolas Cage was very solid as the wild, but romantic Sailor Ripley; Laura Dern was FANTASTIC as the sexy, daring and yet very sweet Lula Fortune; Diane Ladd was really good as the creepy Marietta Fortune; and Willem Dafoe completely nailed his role as the freaky Bobby Peru.

I recommend this film to all movie fans, who're not afraid of unusual pictures and who'd like to witness an obscure, dreamlike love story with colorful, odd and sometimes shocking scenes and characters. I really adored the atmosphere of this movie, so I rate it: