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Monsters, Inc.

Part Of Rodent's 5 Review Pixar Marathon

Review #118 (3rd of 5): Monsters Inc.

James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Michael "Mike" Wazowski are two Monsters who work together at a Power Plant that harvests childrens' screams as energy.
Using 'portal' doors that allow access to childrens' closets at night, they are able to use childrens' fear of Closet Monsters and scare them into screaming. That energy is then used to power the city of Monstropolis.
But when Sully discovers one of the Portals has been left unattended, he responsibly checks it out... unwittingly and unwillingly bringing a little girl from her own world back with him, into the Monsters' world.
Can Sully and his best pal Mike find a way to return her safely?
Or will their efforts to right the wrong bring them into a situation that they really didn't want to be in?

One of the most universally entertaining movies from Pixar this time round.
Monsters Inc is exceptionally well made.

The movie incorporates highly original storytelling and fish-out-of-water gags with an incredibly imaginative plot... then throws the whole lot into a world of pure creation and imagination. Pixar's 'world appropriate' humour is absolutely rife throughout the film too, and it doesn't miss a beat, not once.
Some of the little plot turns and role reversals between kids and monsters is also a nice little touch.

From the initial conception to getting it onto screen, took 7 years, and you can really see where the time was spent in the Creative Department.

The CG work is really exceptional this time round too. It's bright and colourful, like all of Pixar's work... but it's the fine details that make it stand out from the other Pixar movies. Especially Sully, his 'fur' is awesome.

What makes the movie really stand out are the voice cast.
Comedy geniuses John Goodman and Billy Crystal as Sully and Mike (respectively) are by far the finest voiceover tag-team ever put to animation. Their natural comedic timing is rivalled only by their understanding of dramatic and emotional voice acting. They're very good indeed.
Mary Gibbs (the daughter of one of the filmmakers) as the little girl, affectionately dubbed 'Boo' is a work of genius from the filmmakers too.
With Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Tilly, Frank Oz, John Ratzenberger, Bonnie Hunt and James Coburn adding much, much more to the extremely well written roles throughout, it lifts the movie to even greater heights.

The action scenes are also something that's top drawer. It'll get younger audiences excited and... I, as an adult, actually got quite into it too. It's wonderfully playful and very well put together.

All in all, one of the finest animated films I've seen. Highly creative and playful and will appeal to all ages from beginning to end. It's also laugh out loud funny at times, which is something not every Pixar film has.
My rating 100%