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The Goonies

Review #94: The Goonies

A group of kids who call themselves 'Goonies' find their neighbourhood on the Goon Docks under threat when one of the pompous rich locals decides to rip down the area to build a Country Club.
Upon stumbling around in the attic of Mikey and Brand's (Astin and Brolin) house, the group find treasure maps and an old doubloon artifact that seems to point the way to an olde local Urban Myth called One Eyed Willie's Treasure.
In a last ditch effort to have 'One Last Great Goonie Adventure' before their homes are torn down, the group set off in search of the treasure, but find themselves embroiled in an adventure far grander than any of them imagined and unwittingly put their own lives at risk.

Yet another 80s favourite from me, this time round with Richard Donner at the helm and Spielberg in the production chair.

The Goonies captures everything that a schoolkid would want from an adventure in their local town. There's mystery, horror, lashings of comedy and laughs, a great soundtrack and masses of adventure and discovery.
There's also the odd hit of humour oriented fantasy too.

The main thing that makes the movie work are the little actors and actresses involved.
Future Stars include Corey Feldman, Ke Huy Quan, Kerry Green, Martha Plimpton and modern-day Hollywood heavyweights Josh Brolin and Sean Astin.

Even though at such a young age, they all hit their roles brilliantly and you can tell that they had masses of fun while making the movie.

Mixing into that three of the most memorable villains in the Fratelli family and a character called Sloth, the movie is a huge joy to watch.

The thing that maybe lets the film down is the screenplay, it feels a little naive, even with Donner at the helm.
But the overall script and the sheer character driven story is what makes the movie so special.
The legend of One Eyed Willie is something that, even though it's completely made up, the script writing is still so good that it feels like something centuries old.

The effects are another plus point. It's either practical or matt-paintings, there's no computer generated nonsense (though, it was made in 1985) and it makes the movie feel more real.
It's also wonderfully put together.

The movie is also another in my reviews section that spawned a number of well known quotes.

All in all another near perfect film for my thread and definitely one of the most favourite movies among movie fans. If you haven't seen it, go out right now and unquestionably buy a copy.
My rating 97%