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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Michael Bay, 2011

After the atrocity that was Revenge of the Fallen, Iím sure pretty much everyone had given up all faith on Michael Bay. Then out of nowhere, there started to be some positive buzz coming up before its release. Now while Iím unsure if it was quite as good as some of the early buzz had said, itís far better than itís predecessor. After first viewing it I was even thinking it was better than the first for a minute, but thatís disappeared after letting it sink in.

One of my biggest problems with it was the pacing was just bad. Maybe because it was after midnight, but the movie felt like it was dragging until it got to the final hour. Even there though, the pacing wasnít done too great and the giant action-filled conclusion felt like it was dragging. If youíre going to make a movie of this length, then you might want to find someone better at editing.

Of course though, it delivers on the action that it promised. The final hour just being Bay getting to completely annihilate Chicago, and while that is entertaining to watch, itís not going to be something that Iím able to watch over and over.

I didnít get the chance to see it in 3D, which is something that Iím somewhat upset about. Everyone that was going to the midnight showing was going to the 2D showing, and I didnít want to see it with my friends. Iím sure Iíll probably end up getting dragged to see it again with different friends in 3D.

I will say that Rose Huntington-Whiteley did a far better job than Megan Fox. For someone whoís never acted in her life, she already did better than someone whoís been doing it for years now.

While it was very enjoyable to watch things get blown up, it still is nothing more than a summer film. The incredible average and predictable storyline is to be expected before watching it. If youíre willing to give Bay another chance after Revenge of the Fallen, and is willing to just enjoy some decent action, then Iíd say check it out.