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Bad Teacher
Jake Kasdan, 2011

It looks as though this is going to be the summer of R-rated comedies. Seeing as how those usually turn out as the best, Iím pretty happy. I wasnít really expecting much out of Bad Teacher, though. The trailer had me laughing, but I thought it was going to end up being one of those movies where the funniest bits get shown in the trailer. I was pretty surprised when I found out that first thought was wrong. Donít get me wrong though, it wasnít great by any means.

I thought it was incredibly funny, but I find it to be that hollow kind of humor that just wonít stick upon re-watches. Iíll have to see it again to test this of course, but I have a strong feeling itíll just end up being one of those cases.

I like Jason Segel a lot, so Iím to the point now where Iíll pretty much check out anything heís in. I find him to be incredibly underrated because he hasnít quite hit it big yet, though heís surely making his way up there. I donít know what happened with Timberlake, because I hated his presence all together. I was actually starting to appreciate him more after his performance in The Social Network, so I have no idea what happened with him.

I guess I shouldnít have really been expecting all that much, but the ending was incredibly predictable, too. That didnít shock me too much when I figured it out, because they werenít really going for something predictable. Actually, the entire movie was pretty much predictable, but still fun to watch nonetheless.

Itís definitely a funny film that you should check out, if youíre in to this kind of humor of course. Itís just going to end up being quick laughs that arenít really memorable to you at all. I have higher hopes for the other R-rated comedies coming out later in the summer Ė like Horrible Bosses or 30 Minutes or Less. I guess weíll just have to wait and see if they turn out any more memorable.