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Sexy Beast (2001)

A few months ago, I bought some really good dvds. Raging Bull, Citizen Kane & Glengarry GlenRoss, three very good films. Then there was Sexy Beast, a film that disappointed to say the least. The film was over to quick, there is no real climax and the characters are all underwritten, save for one. And that one is the film's saving grace. The one reason I gave the film a generous rating; Ben Kingsley.

The film is about British ex-con "Gal", who is living in Spain with his wife and frequently socialising with his two friends who also live there. His peaceful life is shattered when arch-thug Don Logan appears in his life and tries to persuade him for one last heist in London. Don Logan is a violent, psychotic hood, intent on making Gal return to London.

Ben Kingsley turns in a bravura performance as Don Logan. He is frightening, funny and deeply convincing as the wild nemesis of Gal. It might Kingsley's best role to date as he steals scenes and saves the film from oblivion. Ray Winstone is not as good as Gal, neither is Ian McShane as a London gangster. Their characters are, as I have said, underwritten and, in fact, the whole film is underwritten. It goes for 85 minutes and the pacing is extremely slow. It spends an hour on Kingsley asking Winstone to do the job and 20 minutes spent in London itself.

In conclusion, I didn't like the film very much, but I absolutely adore Kingsley's remarkable role.