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Connor Macgregor`s Horror Thon
4 - Near Dark

Here comes along a vampire film with a different sort of vibe and story. Featuring some of the best 80s Star, Near Dark is one of the most underrated films of the 1980s.

In Phoenix, the young cowboy Caleb Colton meets the beautiful Mae late night in town and she asks for a ride to her trailer. It is near dawn and Caleb brings Mae that is in a hurry; he asks for a kiss and she bites him on the neck. Caleb's truck does not start and he walks home. However, when the sunlight hits him close to his farm, he starts to burn. His father Loy Colton and his sister Sarah witness a van that appears out of the blue and kidnaps Caleb. He is introduced to Mae's family: the leader Jesse Hooker, his mate Diamondback, the cruel Severen and the boy Homer. In common, all of them are predator creatures of night that need blood to survive. However, Caleb refuses to kill and Mae gives her own blood to him to keep him alive. Meanwhile Loy and Sarah are looking for Caleb; when they meet each other in a motel, Caleb has to choose between his beloved family or his love for Mae.

Of all The Vampire films ever to be made , Near Dark is one of the most underrated. Played by amaxing actors , it creates an eerie creepy sort of meesy feeling to it when the vampires show up. They are your typical cliche vampires. Scared of the light , suck blood etc but they act incredibly different. They act like a biker gang or a neighborhood gang , they just don`t act like any other vampire would at all and that`s why they are incredibly different.

Bill Paxton stands out as being excellent in this film. He is a bit similar to his role in Aliens but he still pulls out a great and disturbing character out the bag. But to me the standout performance is Lance Henriksen. Henriksen has never let me down in any of the films i have seen him in. He has a unique prescense that only he can pull off. The character is chilling and dark and shows no signs of being a good person. He just wants to hurt people and make them suffer.

The direction by Kathryn Bigelow is great. She is a very unique and intelligent director and has a lot more incredible work than most men have now in the business. She has a great vision for the film and it makes the setting so out of place with most 80s films you see usually.

So Near Dark is a great underrated horror film. You may think its something else but to me its a horror cult classic.

Rating - 91% - A