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Walk the Line

Connor Macgregor Reviews...Walk The Line

Quite possibly one of the best biopics ever made.

A woman's love, given reluctantly, saves a man from addiction and self-destruction. Traces the life of Johnny Cash from his boyhood, with the loss of a brother and the loss of his father's affection, to 1968 when his outlaw side and his unhappiness give way to the twin triumphs of his concert at Folsom Prison and June Carter's acceptance of his marriage proposal. Along the way there's his first composition, first recording, first marriage, daughters, being smitten with June, divorce, pills and booze, an empty life, and the Carter family's nursing him back to health. June eases Johnny out of a ring of fire.

Now The Performances are just magnificent in this film. The true gem is Joquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash. An Amazing Performance by a terribly underrated actor. His performance is multi layered and makes us understand the man that is Johnny Cash a lot more clearer. But Reese Witherspoon is also terrific as June Carter. A lot of people first saw Reese Witherspoon as pretty , and yes she is very attractive , she can act amazingly too. Also Robert Patrick , i underestimated this guy. But Terminator 2 and Walk The Line are two of his most amazing work. His character is such a cold hearted being who isn`t afraid to admit that he loves Johnny a lot less than his other son. its sad but no one is perfect in life.

The Biopic tells a sweet story about how Johnny Cash suffered so much but in a way acheived so much with his music. He had a pretty tough life with dark moments , but in the end he became one of the most iconic country singers in the history of the genre. Also the music and singing and performing is very good. Joaquin actually sounds similar to Johnny Cash in a way. That same low singing voice that sounds sexy in a way. Resse Witherspoon can sing brilliantly too. I hear rumours that its sound editing but never the less it sounds good.

So Walk The Line is in my eyes the best biopic i have seen so far. Go out and give it a watch. i`m sure you will be entertained.

Rating - 94% - A