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Revanche (1 viewing) 2009 Reviews

Well if you thought Three Monkeys was calm , wait until you witness this one. It's the suspense thriller that has an almost complete lack of heart pounding scenes , no music , and long drawn out shots of scenery and concrete - Revanche lured me in with beautiful women and unique visual style , it's a movie that rewards your patience and you must be very patient.

Our main character is about to leave his current life with his love - who's incidentally a prostitute under a man he also works for. An original and clever story unfolds , halfway in the entire premise is refreshed , starting something more exciting just as my interest was waning. Everything that happens does take a long time to happen though and the camera work feels very stoic , interested in only capturing wide well lit environments (which I don't necessarily mind , but it's shown me the grand value of close up shots).

If you're ready to wait as it slowly unrolls , you will be rewarded.