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Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke - 2nd Review (2 views)

This and Akira were the two anime films that scared me away from the genre and after being scared back in by Spirited Away , I can't say my thoughts on this one have changed since my last viewing more than a year ago.

Miyazaki and Ghibli finally take on the subject matter of war and violence , but it's failed attempt to sympathize with all views leaves you with a film so broad that it doesn't care about anyone or anything. There are some imaginative and fun scenes scattered around , though the core narrative is endlessly sprawling - never clinging to any of it's twists.

As expected it's a looker , if there's any reason to keep watching it's if only to see the beautiful animation. I've been wondering how this studio would animate some brutal violence and well it's about twice as gory and sick as you would imagine it.

In the end it's not a complete experience in comparison to other Ghibli adventures , packing only half the wonder and none of the excitement.