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The Untouchables


Okay, I'll admit it, before this viewing I had only seen one scene and a few iconic lines. That scene was the "baby carriage" scene, you know what I'm talking about, it was a little long but so freakin' awesome I had to watch the rest. The begging was pretty slow, but once the Untouchables form, this movie is great.

Kevin Costner gets a lot of guff, and I don't get why. Sure he made Dances with Wolves that basically stole the Best Picture Oscar from Goodfellas, and has been in loads of bad movies, but name one actor who hasn't been in some bad movies. Here he's just fine, he kind of forms an accent in the beginning but it quickly goes away. Sean Connery and Andy Garcia are just badasses and up any movie they're in just by their pure presence.

The scripts a bit predictable if you know the jist of the story. You know Capone's going down for tax evasion, it's just a matter of when and how they get him. But in reality any history movie is predictable. Most knew Harvey Milk was going to be shot by Dan White, Bonnie and Clyde die in a hail of bullets, and those 300 guys die. It doesn't make it bad, just a little less exciting.

The real problem I had with this movie was Capone. When I looked at Robert De Niro playing Al Capone, I was looking at ROBERT DE NIRO PLAYING AL CAPONE, I wasn't looking at just Capone. It was one gangster role that he shouldn't have gotten. Plus the script kind of makes him into a super villain. Killing his own men, holding up in his hideout, possibly stroking his beard. Capone's not a comic booky villain, he's a regular gangster.

The technical aspects were also good. The score was amazing, I actually closed my eyes in the beginning title and just listened. The costumes were also awesome. Plus they didn't have those old, shoot e m once they go through the door and fifty feet away shootouts. It's nice to see somewhat realistic things happen in a somewhat realistic movie.

Overall this is a major guy's movie, I felt way cooler after watching.