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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I'm destined it seems to watch and enjoy and then defend these kinds of movies until my dying breath. To bad for you I suppose because I rather enjoy arguing.

I'll save you the trouble of reading a big long review and be relatively brief, (or as brief as my attention span allows) if you didn't enjoy the first two Mummy movies and you thought that Indy 4 had too much CGI, then don't bother with this flick and do not bother coming to tell me about it. You were warned. Mmmmkay?

I on the other hand did enjoy the first two and I also somewhat enjoyed The Scorpion King. Well, this one is just like them, they kind of remind me of cartoons really. Good ones though, the CGI (and there is a lot of it) is soooo much better than most of the really bad movies that are on the Sci-fi channel most days. The Yeti's were really well done and I particularly enjoyed them.

Really for me, the only real drawback was the lack of Rachel Weisz, if the rumors are true and we all know that rumors usually are she didn't like the script. Oh well, she was missed but it didn't really change the movie any. Maria Bello as the new 'Evy' was fine, and honestly if you're watching a movie like this for the acting then maybe you need therapy anyway. This is just an over the top action adventure flick that was pretty damn enjoyable for the better part of two hours. So enjoy, just try not to set the bar so high so you can have a little fun.