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Sonatine (2 views)

Plot : Murakawa is an experienced yakuza (Takeshi) given an assignment to make peace between two rival gangs , but after things take a turn for the worse : he and his partners must live out in a remote area by the beach and wait for their next instructions.

Story : Unfolds at a similar pace of Kikujiro , lots of funny dialogue mixed in with very thought provoking themes and authentic characters. The events vary from very violent gangster shootouts to Murakawa and his fellow yakuzas doing fun stuff to pass the time (which is just as fun and funny to watch). Each of the three different sections of the movie are very interesting in their own ways and you are constantly thinking about the characters.

Visuals : When I watch a Kitano movie , I automatically set my standards for the visuals very high. Everything here looks amazing and you can't go far without being flattered by something. Big shots of scenery and close quarters shots that capture many things at once , both work extremely well for the different moods of the film. Actor's facial expressions also make up a huge amount of the movie , without the character even saying anything : your forced to think about what's happening behind the characters dialogue.

Synopsis : A masterfully crafted "gangster" movie. I'd rank it up there with Kikujiro and Hana Bi.