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Iron Man
2008 Directed by : Jon Favreau

After being captured by terrorists and enduring a life threatening injury, billionaire arms dealer Tony Stark must come to terms with the legacy he has built, it's consequences and his future involvement in the fight between good and evil.

There have been a slew of comic book films over the last decade or so, how does Iron Man stand up or out to the competition?
Well, it's not quite along the lines of Batman Begins or the first 2 X-Men films, but sits in comfortably with the likes of the first 2 Spiderman films, and well above the horrible Fantastic Four movies, or even the horrible Brett ( I have no talent what so ever ) Ratners X3.

There is nothing outstanding on offer, it was somewhat of a gamble to cast Robert Downey Jnr, but he doesn't let the side down, and indeed provides one of the more wry comedic performances of recent years.
The direction is fine, pace and action sequences plod along at a decent pace ( still not loving CGI though! ) my only real grumbles were that the rest of the cast have little to do, and I'm afraid that as inspired as casting Robert Downey Jnr was, casting Jeff Bridges as the main villan didn't work for me at all.
I love Jeff Bridges, from Star Man, Jagged Edge, to The Big Lebowski, I've admired his work, but as the villan of this particular film, it just didn't quite fit.

It's a minor quibble, it's still big, dumb, enjoyable fun, but my money's on The Dark Knight being this summer's big winner in the superhero box office battle.

Terrance Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow are little more than actor eye candy, although there are hints that both will have more substantial roles in future sequels.

Rating 3/5 no brainer big popcorn movie.