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Hollow Man

Hollow Man

Normally not a huge Kevin Bacon fan, but he was decent in this film. The story and the idea behind it were very interesting to look into, and could have made an entertaining film. Unfortunately like so many Hollywood films, they completely ruined it at the end with a ending that could be seen from the mile away.

This movie starts out with promise and has potential to be a good sci-fi film. It starts out with a character who is full of himself given more power then anyone else alive because of the fact he has been turnen invisible. It becomes quickly clear that when you have too much power, especially in someone who is already claiming to be on the same plain as God, that you are going to run into a complex problem where the character tries to become God, and how that power corrupts. They do a good job showing the corruption in a way that does seem to far fetched. However, the ending is completely predictable in that the two pseudo-main characters are going to win over the force of evil in the end. And the story does start working in that direction until the end, even though it feels like a typical Hollywood film so you hope that it won't, and are disappointed when it does.

Bacon does a decent job in the role. He shows off a good level of arrogance and cockiness that allow his character to transition quickly into the role of someone who is full of himself and lets the power/ability to do anything (for the most part) without consiquence get to his head. The rest of the cast is pretty pedestrian in this performances, not that Bacon's is great, but no one else really carries the film.

Visually this is a solid film as well. It offers somewhat of a challenge because you were working with invisible animals as well as an invisible person throughout the whole film. And they pull of the invisible quite well. There are a few times, such as when the gorilla turns visible again and the person becomes invisible that are a little cheesy with how they start on the outside and turn invisible inward or vice-a-versa when turning visible again, but overall it isn't bad.

Without the ending, this would have been a solid film, but because the ending was forced to fit to some standard that Hollywood expects, it hurt the movie a lot. Still an interesting idea, but with the shoddy physics that they use at the end of the film, and everything else that is wrong with it, I can't rate it all that highly.

Overall Grade: D+

Story: D
Acting: C+
Audio/Visual: C