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This is the female version of Flash Gordon, or at least that is what I felt. She flies around in her little space ship saving the universe from the little bit of evil that is left. This is a cheesy, odd film, but it is fairly entertaining.

The big thing about this film is obviously Jane Fonda. People will often watch it based only on the fact that she is scantily clad. And while that is the case, I don't think that it is a very good reason for watching the film. Her performance, a long with the rest of the cast, was pretty bad.

But what makes this film good are the very odd sets and characters. The fact that there are group of kids that are left to run wild on one part of the planet, a labrinyth in another part, and a city that is built on top of a liquid that feeds off of evil, is just completely odd. Then there is an "angel" character, and all sorts of other odd characters. The fact that everything is so absurd makes it fun because you really wonder what odd thing is going to happen next, and what odd character will appear next.

They also tried and theme the movie really heavily to the idea that if everyone just loves everyone else, everything will be good. And that jealousy and violence lead to ones destruction. Now, there might be some truth to that, at least that jealousy and violence can lead to destruction and all, but things don't quite work to the absurd extent that they would like to suggest in the film. The most absurd line from this film comes from the Angel:
An angel does not make love, an angel *is* love.
But that is really what the whole film is themed about. It is about being love to everyone and everything and how that will make everything good and happy.

Overall this is really a laughable film. The characters and acting are so odd and poor that it really shouldn't be good, but it just oddly entertaining because of how absurd everything is surrounding the film.

Overall Grade: C+

Story: C-
Acting: D+
Audio/Visual: B-