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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1)

This review is of the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles movie. I bought it because some buddies and I wanted to a movie to watch while we were drinking, and I figured, and they knew, that this film would be good pointless fun to watch while drinking.

Again, I will add the disclaimer, that I grew up on the Turtles, not as much as some other comic book heroes, but I watched the T.V. show often, so I got a soft spot for their corniness in my heart.

This film really isn't anything all that great, the acting is poor, the story is farfetched, and there are people dressed in turtle costumes.

However, that doesn't begin to scratch the surface as to what this film is. This film isn't ment to be change anything in the film industry, unless it teaches them a few things to avoid, this film is meant to entertain the audience with cheesy dialogue and a farfetched plot which is full of action and these remarkable scenes where, if it weren't for the fact that it was people dressed up on turtle costumes, they could be considered touching.

I find it funny how people are more apt to frown upon this film then many '90's action films saying how cheesy and cliche so many parts of this film are. There is the scene where the turtles finish their training in order to get back Splinter, which if it had been done with real people, there would be some people who would have thought it was a touching scene.

This movie is one that I would consider an above average popcorn movie. If you liked the early 90's comics/cartoons, then you will enjoy this film, because that is what this film is, just with people. There are obviously a lot of people who won't find this film all that great, my suggestion is try a few beers first and then watch it, it helps, even though I do appreciate the film as one that is just fun to watch, even without being tipsy.

Overall Grade: B-

Acting: C
Story: B
Visual/Audio: C-