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Lovely Molly

(2011, Sanchez)
A film about the occult

"I love her, Hannah. I just don't know how to help her."

Cambridge Dictionary defines being "addicted" as being "unable to do something". Addicts have described how they just can't stop doing this or that. Like some force is taking over their bodies. That is part of the basis of this supernatural horror film which asks "what if it's actually an external force that's making you do this or that?".

Lovely Molly follows Tim and Molly (Johnny Lewis and Gretchen Lodge), a young couple that moves into her childhood home. This, however, uncovers some painful memories as well as a potential entity taking over Molly's mind and body. Things are complicated by the fact that Molly is a recovering heroin addict, which leads most people to attribute her behavior to a relapse; but is it?

This is yet another film I see from Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of The Blair Witch Project, and I've found myself pleasantly surprised by his catalog. Despite whatever limitations he might have, he takes some interesting approaches to some horror staples like alien abductions, Bigfoot, or in this case, demon possessions.

Much like Cronenberg used The Fly to explore the effects of terminal illness, Sanchez uses this possession to explore the reaches of drug addiction and mental illness. The latter is a topic that really hits close to home for me and things that I'm currently going through. So when I heard the above quote, or when I saw Molly's sister, Hannah, with 9-1-1 already dialed on her phone but hesitating to push the button, I totally get that. I've said that, and I've been through that.

So maybe my personal experiences have me biased in favor of it, but that's what films are about. Regardless, I think that Sanchez successfully creates an eerie atmosphere where you're often trying to figure out what's going on. Also, Lodge is pretty good in the lead role conveying a wide array of emotions. There is a really important twist that I felt was very much underdeveloped, but I still think this was a rather effective supernatural horror film.