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Ben Hur

by Thief
posted on 1/13/22
(1907, Olcott & Oakes Rose)
A film with a title that starts with the letters A or B A film from before 1920

"A wonderfully realistic and pleasing presentation of Lew Wallace's famous story and a triumph of the kinetoscopic art."

That's how a "Western newspaper" described a local showing of this 1907 silent short film. Based on Wallace's 1880's novel, the film skims over most of the events briefly as it shows the titular hero imprisoned and competing in the famous chariot race.

Unfortunately, most of the versions I could find of these short were of very poor quality, so it's hard to see it as the grandiose experience that was described on that newspaper. The version that I saw also lacked any accompanying score, which makes the whole experience feel a bit flat.

Still, it's really interesting to catch up with these old classics and transport ourselves to those theaters and think of that wonderful experience at the time.

Grade: N/A