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Incoherence, 1994

In the space of a day, three stories unfold. First, a university professor must scramble to keep a female colleague (student?) from discovering his porn stash. In the second story, a man creates problems for a newspaper delivery man when he frames the man for stealing. Finally, a local district attorney, needing a bathroom, gets into conflicts when he tries to use the bathroom in different public spaces.

This is an early film from Bong Joon-ho, and, like Influenza, the style and structure of the film is very familiar. The stories on their own are interesting, each with their own nice little touches. The film is about hypocrisy and power, and in different ways the segments speak to this.

I appreciated some of the smaller pieces of each segment. For example, while the main action of the first segment is centered on the professor hiding his porn, a much more damning moment for me was when he comes up behind a young woman and pulls down the shoulder of her sweater by way of greeting.

The final act of the short is very predictable, but it still makes its point about the kind of people who claim to be moral authorities, and how they actually behave in their personal lives.