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Directed By: Denis Villeneuve

The Story
12 Alien spaceships have arrived all over our blue marble planet for some unknown reason... sound familiar?. Donít worry Will Smith isnít about this time around. Who is around this time is Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forrest Whittaker in this fascinating, heartfelt, and beautiful movie. Have these spaceships arrived with peaceful or threatening intentions?. Well Arrival takes a very interesting route compared to some of the other Alien movies out there, and itís incredibly fascinating.

Movie Trivia;
Director Denis Villeneuve and screenwriter Eric Heisserer created a fully functioning, visual, alien language. Heisserer, Villeneuve and their teams managed to create a "logogram bible," which included over a hundred different completely operative logo-grams, seventy-one of which are actually featured in the movie.

The inky circular alien language was created by Montreal artist Martine Bertrand. It is also the artist's son who created Hannah's drawings.

While the shape of the ship was decided early on, Denis Villeneuve had great difficulty imagining an interior that would allow humans to easily navigate through such a steep and vertical design. The later decision to turn gravity sideways offered an obvious and convenient solution.

In writing the story, Ted Chiang had in mind the following quote of the great physicist Albert Einstein: "The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

Ted Chiang, who wrote the story the film is based upon, approved the film, saying, "I think it's that rarest of the rare in that it's both a good movie and a good adaptation... And when you consider the track record of adaptations of written science fiction, that's almost literally a miracle."

The Cast
Amy Adams performance in this movie was incredible. She gave this movie so much heart, and meaning that she completely stole the show. I think this is my favourite movie of hers and Arrival really showcases her acting ability. Jeremy Renner was a little low key but him and Forrest Whittaker do a pretty solid job as the supporting cast.

Movie Highlight
Without spoiling to much about Arrival my highlight has to be the final act. The last 20 minutes or so are a real tear jerker. And itís all very cleverly executed. Iíll leave it their as I donít want to spoil to much.

My Verdict
Overall Arrival is my favourite Alien movie I have seen. Iím a big fan of this genre, and I have watched a long list of Alien/space movies over the past few monthís and this is hands down my favourite. Itís a beautiful movie with some fantastic soundtracks. It has a great cast, a great story, and itís a very fascinating and interesting movie that really grips you from the get go. Absolutely flawless movie.