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Jojo Rabbit
(Taika Waititi, 2019)

Who knew Hitler could be so fun! At least when Taika Waititi plays him! Oh sure he doesn't look like the Fuhrer, but realism isn't what we really want here. We want to see the lighter side of Nazism while have a good laugh at the Third Reich.

Did this movie go to far? Hell no! There ain't nothing offensive here, it ain't that kind of movie. I mean have people forgotten TV's Hogan's Heros, where Allied prisoners in a Nazi prison camp were played just for laughs and the Nazis were sillier than snot...Or what about Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, which gave us funny Nazis while showing the world the dangers of a dictatorship way back in 1940.

No, Taika isn't the first to cover this subject in this way...BUT in this day and age he deserves all sorts of credits for having balls enough to make Jojo Rabbit!

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Especially the first 20 minutes...I don't think I've laughed more at a movie than in the first act of Jojo Rabbit. I do wish the film would've kept the same tone instead it gets more serious with the Jewish girl under the stairs, and that in and of itself worked, but it's old hat and has been done before.

I knew before the film ended that we had to be clearly shown that the Nazis were bad, but I mean come on we already knew that. In fact if the viewer is paying attention we can see just how nutty the ideology of the Nazis really are. I mean they're training 10 year old boys to fight, how daft is that?

Roman Griffin Davis was just perfect as the 10 year old, would be Nazi, who can't even kill a little bunny (and I don't blame him either!). He was really good here. I don't even care that he had an English accent he was perfect in his role and well this is a satire comedy.

Sam Rockwell, nailed it! I loved his sympathetic one eyed Nazi character who acts as a mentor to young Jojo. The last scene he was in was so well done that it makes me want to watch Moon again. Oh BTW those aren't Americans who are machine gunning the captive Nazis, hope you all knew that.

Scarlett Johansson, she was great as the loving but tough German mom. I wish she had more screen time and I don't think she needed to come to such an ending...

BTW hope everyone also knows that the vast majority of Germans during WWII were NOT Nazis and that includes the German Army too.