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All the President's Men

90. All the President's men
Dir Alan Pakula

This movie is about Bob Woodard's and Carl Bernstein's investigative reporting into the Watergate burglaries in the early seventies. The two reporters, referred to as Woodstein, by their superiors at the Washington Post, did a lot of first rate investigative journalism into the burglaries; often making discoveries that the police were unable to uncover on their own. It also offers a glimpse on the contributions of "Deep Throat", the now famous informant who helped Woodard and Bernstein trace the break in back to the White House.

The movie has a stellar cast, including: Jason Robards, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Warden, and Martin Balsam.

Some have faulted the movie for focusing too much on the investigative process and not enough on the story. The problem is that there are two halves to the Watergate investigation. One is the investigation portrayed in this movie conducted by Woodstein; the other investigation conducted by the Justice Department was independent of Woodstein, but they used each other as sources of information. Alan Pakula, the director, made a movie that was bogged down in the investigative details, into an exciting piece of work through his use of timing, and the more technical aspects of the film. The movie is best, if you do not already know a lot about Watergate. A good companion documentary to watch in conjunction with this movie would be the Discovery Channel's "Watergate" a multi-episode film that is available on You Tube.