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Project Power

Project Power

Usually there is some long winded intro with a bunch of useless nonsense about this movie to start this off. However ill skip all that and just say that this is a good ass movie. This is a weird hybrid of several genres of movies including superhero,crime, and little dash of horror. All of which for the most parts works, although this movie is far from perfect.

The good

The acting: This should come as no surprise with a cast that includes Jamie Foxx and Joesph Gordon Levitt but the acting in this was really good. Levitt is solid in his role as a New Orleans cop. Jamie Foxx though is superb in the staring role. He is incredibly believable as a bad ass marine (or whatever badass military branch he was I don’t quite remember) on mission to get his daughter back. He brings the intensity when he needs to but he also brings on the sadness when talking about his daughter. His performance here really helps elevate this movie. Not only are these two good in their roles but Dominque Fishback is also really damn good here. She was definitely the second best actor in this movie after Foxx. She never gets annoying at any point. She actually helps the story and characters move along and she nailed the role.

Effects/action scenes: I really liked the special effects in this movie. They werent to over the top and they were used in a more limited fashion. This movie was also more of crime movie then a superhero movie, so the special effects help change the pace and feel of the movie. They shift the tone from crime drama to a superhero movie. The limited special effects make the action scenes seem a little bit more special. The chase scene between Levitt and a bank robber who can camouflage himself was pretty cool. It may go on a little to long but it was still good. The end where Foxx unleashes his power was also really ****ing good. He basically just incinerates a bunch of of the bad guys and blows up some ****. Oh **** I almost forgot about a shootout scene at the grocery store. Which was yet another solid ass scenes. These scenes arent over the top or anything but they are more subtle but yet still effective.

The whole drug angle: The whole concept of a drug giving you special powers for 5 minutes was a good idea.It is a fresh take on superhero genre of movies. It helps the action scenes feel more unique and different. The drug also adds the slight bit of horror into this movie. Some of these people’s powers and their transformations are a bit gruesome. For instance they experiment on a lady who controls ice. Anyways **** goes bad and she basically slowly becomes a ice statue and she dies. its pretty dramatic and definitely horror driven, in the way she slowly suffers and dies. A lot of the transformation seems to be more horror themed then anything. It certainly makes it seem like being on this drug would be ****ing awful. The drugs also seems to cause dis-figuration on the users so some of these people are ****ing disgusting looking. A wise man once said drugs are bad mkay. That would be a hard no from me on doing this drug.

Machine Gun Kelly is over as a rapper: To this day I want to punch this ****ing douche in his stupid ****ing face. Something about him just annoys the ever loving **** out of me. I hated him in that overrated hunk of junk Birdbox (shameless plug to review ) but he was good in The Dirt (look at that back to back shameless plugs). He was only in this briefly but it was still enough for me to really root for his death. Which thankfully he gets his crackhead looking ass blown up so that will be a highlight of this movie. Ill use this movie as a confirmation that Eminem ended MGK’s rap career (what a shocker I would cram in a Eminem reference). One of them has continued to rap while the other one has seemingly realized he is a garbage rapper and has now turned into a garbage actor. **** this guy and his stupid face.

The bad

Social commentary: If you like your movies to be subtle when it tackles social issues then this movie is not for you. This movies takes the approach of we are gonna bash you in the face with it. Take for instance Levitt’s spiel of New Orleans people not trusting people in suits. He talks about how people in suits failed them during Katrina and they are failing them now. Alright we ****ing get it the people of New Orleans went through a lot and the government failed them. Something about the suit line just really ****ing bothered me. The speech could have been more effective if he just kept the focus on the people and their resiliency. Foxx’s character also crammed in line to Dominques character how she is a black female and the world is against her, it also felt super forced. I get the point they were just trying to make but still it just seemed forced in this movie. I don’t have any problems being tackled here but the writers of this movie really just shoved them in the viewers face in a effort to be cool and hip. Im just saying be smarter in the way you write your ****. I’m not lost in the irony of me talking **** abut writing because I’m awful at it.

Villains: Yeah the villains here are weak as ****. They are just generic bad guys drug dealers who are pushing a new drug. Its also vague if they are connected to the government or not but its implied they do have government ties. Still though the villains here arent really intimidating or threatening. They arent memorable at all either. Just your basic run of the mill people who want power and money. Maybe a better actors could have helped but they just needed to be written better.

Missed Opportunity: How the **** arent you gonna use one of Kanye West’s best songs in “Power” at any point? The song is perfect for this movie. It would have fit in so well in the final action scene. Hell it would have been perfect in a the trailer. Im sure it cost a lot of money to use it but its not like Netflix is hurting for money. You guys ****ed up and missed out on a great opportunity.

All in all this is a solid ass movie. It wont blow you away or anything but it will also not bore you to sleep. It’s just the right amount of length. It was a original idea and premise, with damn good actors. You will not be disappointed. 8/10