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Tanned Legs

Tanned Legs

Marshall Neilan

Low-budget musical comedy-drama that has the feel of something cobbled together at short notice but even so does still manage to entertain a little in places.

Sadly there isn't really that much to enthuse about this offering. The script does at least contain the odd moment of amusement (and is even a little risque in at least one place) but overall it's somewhat stilted which naturally affects the acting too - though to be honest I doubt even an Oscar-worthy script would have made any difference to Arthur Lake's performance.

The tale itself is rather hackneyed and even when it should be managing to evoke a little excitement unfortunately still feels rather mundane. There's nothing remarkable about the production either, it's all rather vanilla and workmanlike with little camera movement or flair on show, whilst the song and dance numbers are generally presentable but fairly routine too.

One aspect that certainly can't be faulted though is the title, proceedings containing enough shapely female 'pins' on display at various points to fulfil expectations on that front. Personally it was of interest with both June Clyde and Sally Blane in the cast, though rather surprisingly it was the lesser known (at least to me) Ann Pennington that actually most drew the eye.

Tanned Legs is a lightweight affair with a plot that could have been written on the back of a beer mat but there have been worse ways to spend an hour and a bit and I'll give it a slightly generous