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Flavia the Heretic

Flavia, la monaca musulmana
[Flavia The Heretic]

Gianfranco Mingozzi

Late medieval 'nunsploitation' drama with aspects of horror in a feminist/libertarian text that's played up to the full.

Proceedings may be somewhat spartan in terms of horror content and there's nothing particularly shocking (does however include a genuine castration and one brief scene of anal penetration is amusingly presented) but the whole is liberally sprinkled with nudity and the narrative is generally well enough paced to retain interest whilst the final act does increase the intensity up to a brief but imo rather satisfying climax.

Technically it's a rather mediocre affair and the acting is certainly nothing to write home about but on the whole both are commensurate with what one would expect from this type of fare.

Flavia The Heretic is a little underwhelming for those looking for more visceral viewing (though it certainly does have its moments), isn't particularly salacious (despite showing a fair amount of flesh) and does sound its message a little too loudly and often (which can make it a little frustrating at times) so I can therefore sadly only really give it a