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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

My family love Guy Richie films and Jason Statham, so it's about time I saw this, and man, it was great.

Going into it I was a bit worried the many different plots would make it very confusing to follow. That didn't happen though, I was able to follow it the entire way. If you like your guns and gore, this is the film for you. Lots of shots of the characters toying with guns and or using them.

What I love about these types of British films is the hilarious performances: They're always getting angry, saying c*nt and other bizarre things like 'U Wot?' and 'You Sausage Nigels!' (That one was actually from Crank 2, but it still counts).

But damn, this film was entertaining as hell! Probably from it's brilliant script and performances (Piss off, you nonce!). It's a bit like a Shakespeare comedy in a way: Everything goes wrong in a hilarious manner due to minor human screw-ups. The last 30 minutes or so are way more suspenseful than it has any right to be. I was clutching my blanket and thinking *OH S*IT* about every 5 minutes.

It also ends on an absolutely stellar cliffhanger.

An insanely entertaining film, the best kind of film. @edarsenal