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Finding Nemo (2003) https://letterboxd.com/smudgeefc1985/film/finding-nemo/

The Big Pixar Rewatch 5/19

I only actually saw this once, a long time ago when I was in college (so probably not that long after it was released) and while I remembered some funny moments (MINE!) it never really stood out that much. Watching as an adult was a whole other experience.

Like Monsters Inc before it, Finding Nemo is a complete emotion destroyer. From the first five minutes to the very end, family and friendships are at the heart of what makes this so special. It isnt just the connection and loss between Nemo and his dad that is so touching, but the relationships made with those they meet who help them on their way, Gill and the fish in the tank, and especially Dory.

Just like previous Pixar films, setting a story under the sea gives them such a massive canvas of characters and set ups to work with, same as they could with toys, bugs and monsters. The animation is stunning, the characters memorable, and it's really funny. The plot itself is quite dull and one dimensional really, but you don't even notice because everything being used to tell that story is so good.