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The Big Pixar Rewatch 3/19

A rare thing in itself, a sequel that is probably better than the original. For everywhere Toy Story was rough around the edges and limited by tech, this is an improvement in every area. But it also takes everything that was great about the original too and not only keeps it but expands on it. I love that all of the Toy Story films start with toys playing a game. From Andy playing with them in the first one, to the Buzz Lightyear video game in this one, they're great openings as they just highlight that joyous fantasy we all created as kids playing with our toys and imagining those characters in our heads. (Also, the actual Toy Story 2 game on the PS1 was brilliant! One of the best film to game adaptations ever!)

It's still got the humour (Buzz encountering another Buzz toy that doesn't knows it's a toy like him in the first one is a hilarious little sideline) but adds a lot to the emotion, with the main storyline of Woody being torn between Andy and his friends and the fear of being broken and forgotten, and the loyalty to his new Roundup Gang friends who are bound for a museum but will go into storage without him.

Best Song: When She Loved Me
Its the only song really, and it's not sung by Randy Newman! It's a cracking song though, and that whole scene is absolutely beautifully done, and so heartbreaking.

Best Scene:
There are a lot of good ones, but I always have a soft spot for the scene where the repair man fixes and cleans up Woody is fantastically animated with so much detail.

As An Adult:
Nothing really stood out that I hadn't ever seen as a kid. I absolutely love that internet theory that Jessie's Emily was actually Andy's mum, and am completely on board with it!

Did I Cry?
The sequence with Jessie and Emily ALWAYS makes me cry. Hard.