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Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
Dir: Woody Allen

One of my new faves from Woody Allen. It's like this perfect storm of writing, casting and nuance between comedy and drama. Michael Caine really puts this movie in its place because his usual charm is utilized so well with the forbidden romance he has for his wife's sister.

The direction is flawless. The timing and staging of scenes seem effortless and natural but a trained eye will see that this took a lot of preparation, and for that I really appreciate it even more.

Dianne Weist kind of steals the movie, but then again, so does Barbara Hershey, who looks beautiful here, and one can certainly see why she would be the object of affection for any older man, or any younger gent who has common sense. Her simple yet complex aura comes out with straightforward dialog carefully outlined by a devastating sex appeal that can only occur when you get the real thing in front of the lens, and that's her.

If I had one complaint, it'd be Woody Allen's icky final scene of him kissing all over his new wife (I won't spoil it). It just seems too gratuitous, and I can't imagine how anyone would want that wormy dude necking on them so slimy like he does. But hey! He won tons of awards so..it's OK!